Free Wifi

With free WiFi you’ll always be connected at the Atlantic Tower

Whether your stay is for business or pleasure, most of us travel with some form of electronic device; be it laptop, tablet or smartphone.

At the Atlantic Tower Motor Inn, guests receive free UNLIMITED* WiFi, which can be accessed anywhere in the Motel.

At the begining of 2018 we installed Enterprise Grade WiFi infrastructure throughout the facility. So what does that mean for you?

Whether you are video calling family and friends from your balcony making them jealous of the view, streaming music and downloading a movie to watch while sitting on your bed, or uploading to the cloud the hundreds of photos you’ve taken on your travel from our foyer… we have made sure you have really good signal, decent download and upload speeds plus unlimited* data.

*By unlimited, we mean as long as you don’t get ‘too silly’ with downloads, we don’t mind how much you use. Because what’s a few Gigabytes between friends, right?


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