Atlantic Tower Motor Inn Terms and Conditions of Stay

Your stay at the Atlantic Tower Motor Inn:

For identification purposes, your valid driver’s license, proof of age card or passport is to be provided for record keeping via scanning or photocopying. Your postal address will be requested if not available on your documentation.

We ask that you please respect the peace, comfort and privacy of all hotel patrons at all times. You may not act in a harassing manner to any of the staff, guests or visitors to the property. You are not permitted to have multiple visitors in your room unless by prior arrangement. All visitors are to leave the property by 9:00PM from when noise must be kept to a minimum, so as not to be noticeable to other guests.

The Atlantic Tower Motor Inn takes no responsibility for damage or theft of your vehicle or any personal belongings brought onto the premises during your stay.

Additional charges

Charges to your account will be added in the event of:

  • if the manager is required to attend the premises after hours because of a disturbance from your room.
  • if damage is done to the room, or the premises (the latter being directly attributable to you or your guests), including the cost of repair and any associated lost or foregone revenue.
  • if your room is not left in a reasonable state of cleanliness upon departure, a minimum $50 extra cleaning charge is applied. If a third-party company is required for cleaning, this cost will also be borne by you.
  • if there is any evidence of smoking in the room, an extra nights’ accommodation will be charged as a soiling fee.
  • if inappropriate behaviour of you or your guests results in the fire department being called out. This cost will be directly passed onto you (approx. $800).


Each room’s smoke detector is directly traceable and can detect tampering. Tampering with fire detection equipment is considered recklessly endangering property [Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 (SA) s 85A]

Smoking is not permitted in any part of the building including motel rooms. Smoking is only permitted on the balconies of the building if the sliding door is closed

Your Account

Your account must remain in credit at all times. Should the balance fall into debt, immediate payment of sufficient funds to cover your remaining expected balance is required. Failure to do so may result in your eviction from the property.

Upon check-in, you will be required to pay the remaining balance of your total expected bill, in addition to providing a credit/debit card to deduct any additional charges from. A pre-authorisation will be processed on this card for $100 per room to guarantee payment for any incidental expenses. If unused, we will release the pre authorisation within 3 days of your departure, however your financial institution may still withhold the amount for up to 30 days.

By signing the Registration Form either digitally or on paper, you agree that any provided credit card can be:

  • pre-authorised to guarantee the expected remaining balance of your account
  • pre-authorised to guarantee payment for any incidental expenses, should an earlier pre-authorisation expire or be used to make part payment to your account
  • used to pay any outstanding balance on your account at any time during your stay, whether in your presence or in your absence.

Guests with payment made by other parties (such as payments through intermediaries like travel agents)

An authorisation to charge to a third-party credit card is required where the owner of the card will not be present at check-in to sign the guest registration form. A credit card authorisation form is available on our website.

You personally have entered into a contract with Redreuch Pty Ltd trading as Atlantic Tower Motor Inn. Your liability for your account is not waived and you are personally liable in the event that another party fails to make payment within 14 days of your departure.

You are required to provide a credit card pre-authorisation or minimum $100 bond regardless of whether the accommodation has already been paid, or is being paid by a third party, unless that third party has provided an authorisation to cover payment of all charges.

Outstanding accounts

Your credit card will be charged with the outstanding amount as per the aforementioned terms and conditions
If you are a cash or EFTPOS customer, or your credit card is declined, a bill will be sent to your address. If your account remains unpaid beyond 14 days, a police report will be made and your account will be passed on to debt collectors. You will be liable for any extra fees and charges incurred, and an unpaid debt may be listed on your credit file.

Deposits, Cancelations, Changes and Errors

Your Deposit and Cancellation Policy

Your deposit and cancellation policy is determined by the booking channel you have booked via, and the rate type you have chosen. Your policy type is identified in your confirmation email and hence may differ from the standard Terms and Conditions below.


The Atlantic Tower Motor Inn requires a Deposit to be paid at the time of booking to secure your reservation. The Deposit is equal to the amount of the averaged nightly room charge for each room booked, plus any package component or extra items ordered and is added to your rooms account upon arrival.


For bookings of 4 rooms or less, the Deposit is non-refundable with less than 24 hours notice of cancellation. Should your room(s) be cancelled with more than 24 hours notice (2pm, day before your arrival), your deposit will be refunded. Any amount of the Deposit that contributes to package components will be refunded at the discretion of management.

For bookings of 5 rooms or more, the Deposit is non-refundable with less than 24 hour’s notice of cancellation. Should your room(s) be cancelled with more than 24 hour’s notice (2pm, day before your arrival), the Atlantic Tower Motor Inn may, at their discretion, charge a fee of up to an averaged night’s room charge per room outside this 24 hour window. This is in the instance where a modification or cancellation of the booking results in an insufficient lead time to achieve typical sales levels of the impacted rooms. Any amount of the Deposit that contributes to package components will be refunded at the discretion of management.


Any room type or date change requests are approved at the complete discretion of the Atlantic Tower Motor Inn and render the deposit non-refundable. Any variation in rate will be passed on at the discretion of management.


The Atlantic Tower Motor Inn assumes no responsibility or liability for errors, inaccuracies, or omissions to a booking. The Atlantic Tower Motor Inn shall have the right not to honour reservations affected by such errors, inaccuracies, or omissions. The Atlantic Tower Motor Inn shall also have the right not to honour the refund of a deposit on a reservation affected by such errors, inaccuracies, or omissions. The Atlantic Tower Motor Inn shall have the right to make changes, corrections, cancellations, and/or improvements to such information or reservations based on such information, at any time, including after confirmation of a reservation.

***Redreuch Pty Ltd (ACN 050 295 068) is taking full responsibility for all the transactions from the website, and handling the dispute management, refunds, cancellations, returns & customer support.