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Monarto Zoo Welcomes New Baby Rhino

Posted by Sia Mitton on 29 June 2018 | Tags: , , ,


I can hear the pitter patter of tiny hooves...

Monarto Zoo will soon be welcoming a new baby Southern White Rhino in November 2018, this is the second child of the Southern White Rhino Umqali and her partner Satara. This is particularly exciting as the Southern White Rhinos are a part of the breeding program to protect endangered species, there are currently two mature bulls and three adult females in Monarto Zoo and since 2012 there have been five rhino calves born.

Southern White Rhinos are found in South Africa and in the early 20th century were nearly extinct with less than 20 rhino’s in a single South African reserve, fortunately the population has grown since then in part thanks to breeding programs like the one at Monarto Zoo, as of 2015 there is an estimated population of 20,000 Southern White Rhinos in the wild.

Monarto Zoo offers a Rhino Interactive behind the scenes experience in which you can assist the keeper in Rhino daily health checks, feed them and put them to bed. This experience is offered on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 3:30pm.


$110 for Non-Members (includes zoo entry)

$75 for Zoo Members

Monarto Zoo located 60 minutes from the Atlantic Tower Motor Inn and is highly recommended as a day trip if you spending a few days in Adelaide, enjoy a beautiful drive through the Adelaide countryside before seeing the amazing wildlife of Monarto Zoo.