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Temptation Sailing

Posted by Carly Williams on 9 February 2022 | Tags: , , , ,

Temptation is a 58 foot sailing catamaran offering wild dolphin swim/watch tours, twilight cruises, afternoon tea cruises and private charters.

The sail boat can hole up to 50 passengers and can travel anywhere in the world miking it very safe and reliable in our SA waters. It is an extremely stable and spacious vessel containing a licensed bar and a 360 degree viewing deck.

It was also the first boat in Australia to be given a dolphin swim license and has been conducting their dolphin swims here in Glenelg since 2002.

Price List:

Wild Dolphin Tour - Swim
Adults: $130.00
Children (9-15 years): $120.00

Wild Dolphin Tour – Watch
Adults: $78.00
Children (under 15 years): $68.00

Twilight Cruise
Adult: $34.00
Children (under 15 years): $29.00
For two: $88.00

Coastal Day Cruise
Adult: $29.00
Children (under 15 years): $24.00
For two: $88.00

Afternoon Tea Cruise
Adult: $70

See website for private charters

Marina Pier, Holdfast Shores, Holdfast Promenade
0412 811 838

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