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Mugen House Glenelg

Posted by Nicole Catabran on 30 January 2019 | Tags: , , ,

Mugen House is a newly opened all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant on Jetty Road, only a 5-10 minute walk from our motel, featuring a wide range of Japanese dishes from okonomiyaki, sashimi, teppanyaki, to salads, sushi platters and takoyaki, making it perfect for those who want to try Japanese cuisine for the first time.

The dishes a la carte are very affordable ranging from $4 to $15, however servings are small, and, in some cases, individual pieces of sushi. So, it pays to go for the all-you-can-eat option for only $39.99 per person and enjoy the unlimited options! What more could you want?

 There is a catch though -  if you have a large amount of leftovers you will be charged a fee, so only order what you can eat!

Reservations are not essential but recommended. The all-you-can-eat option ends at 8PM so you need to get in early. Service can be slow during peak times however a lot of the sashimi and sushi are pre-prepared so service can be instant. Drinks are not included in the all-you-can-eat, but the ice cream is - the green tea ice cream and black sesame ice cream complement each other beautifully.

We recommend the salmon sashimi, chicken karaage, takoyaki, teriyaki chicken and black sesame ice cream.


For more information, see their page.

20 Jetty Rd, Glenelg SA 5045

Ph: 0401 599 111

Cuisine: Japanese, All-you-can-eat, Dine-In, Takeaway