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Adventure rooms in Rundle Mall, can you escape?

Posted by Sia Mitton on 11 August 2018

Adelaide’s Adventure rooms in Rundle mall are an incredible way to spend an afternoon, choose one of three different rooms and see if you and your friends can escape. Only 30% succeed, so good luck...

There are four rooms to choose from:

The Mad Scientist: The original Adventure Room, step inside of the house of a genius mad scientist, finish his experiments and get inside his mind… if you want to escape.

The Black Queen: Locked in a dark castle, you must find clues to understand the Black Queen and how to defeat her. Find the key to escape before she finds you.

Gaol Break: you must think like criminals to find the keys and escape, avoid the warden and uncover the hidden secrets to gain your freedom.

Mafia: Kidnapped by the Mafia you must escape the room before they return to ‘deal with you’.


Choose how many players!

Standard Escape: 90 minutes, 2-7 players, work together to escape

Duel Adventure: 8-14 players, compete against your friends to win



Price ranges between $28-$38 per person depending on the size of the group


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