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2021 Check-In and Reception Information


We have always provided contactless check-in, through our self-serve check-in kiosk. This is located outside our front entrance and will dispense room keys and parking permits upon sucessfully checking in. This involves the use of a touch-screen computer screen and a card swiping facility, which is available to check-in with 24/7.

Our check-in kiosk also allows guests to book a room on the spot should there be any available. Guests are able to fill in their details and pay for the full amount plus a $100 pre-authorisation at the kiosk. 



We are in the midst of changing the way we do business. So, our reception office is still closed to guests to ensure we are keeping contact between staff and guests to an absolute minimum, and handling concerns over the phone as much as possible. We will be looking to open the reception office for half the day in the near future.

Our receptionists are still working on-site from 9:30am-6pm daily. Though you may always not see them, they are working hard behind the scenes (i.e. behind the closed shutter doors) to ensure we continue to provide fantastic customer service while we undergo this big change.

Furthermore, our in-house number is open 24/7, with staff only being a short drive away to provide prompt on-site assistance outside of business hours where required. This number is available in all our rooms, as well as at the reception desk.

In place of face-to-face reception, we have informative and comprehensive signage that will cover all your questions and queries. However if you require further information and/or assistance, our on-site staff will be able to assist, or our friendly staff on the phone 24/7.